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Welcome to Pat!

Come one come all and marvel at the Talking Poker Timer

This is my personal dumping ground in the cloud. A place to keep track of and share my hobbies, interests, and other stuff I'm working on. It is updated very sporadically, and you will surely find lots of ancient garbage and an overall lack of coherent content organization. I've highlighted key topics in the nav bar on the left, but click through to the index of all pages or if you are feeling lucky, a random page because there are some hidden gems you won't find otherwise.

I've been running a wiki for my personal site for about 4 or 5 years...first on ASPWiki, then OpenWiki, and now ScrewTurn wiki. I like the ease of editing and organic structure...but it sure is a pain to move content from one wiki to another. Lots of the old stuff I just simply haven't migrated from OpenWiki, so you can still see that stuff on the archive site.

Hey, go check out the new business venture Kim and I have been working on at DoulaMatch. We think it is pretty cool. The only site where you can find a doula who serves your geography, and you can search by your due date to see if she is is welcome and encouraged. And if you or someone you know has a bun in the oven, check out our educational and fun Facebook app, BirthWatch

One cool feature that this wiki has versus my old one is the support for comments/discussions on each page. I've opened this up so you don't need to register to post a comment. I've had trouble with spambots and vandals mucking up my wiki (can you say "goatse" ?) in the past...hopefully they don't figure this out and start spamming the comments. In the meantime, cut loose with comments and feedback.

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This site built on ScrewTurn Wiki version cool open source .NET wiki

Don't forget to tell all your pregnant friends about DoulaMatch and the BirthWatch Facebook app